The path to boost your healthspan & lifespan.

Una is a longevity clinic for health enthusiasts in Sweden.
Let's optimise life and cheat death together.

Is cheating death really possible?

The first step to immortality is not dying.

Science has shown us how to prevent heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. How to detect, cure or halt cancer and dementia. It's within our power to stop 70% of all deaths. This is where it starts but not where it ends.

Our end goal is healthspan, or "area under the curve". You see, we might not be immortal (yet) but we can finish in style.

Welcome to Una Health.

Una combines prevention focused medicine, early stage screening and holistic lifestyle adjustments into one mission — Empower longevity.

I would love to help you build and implement your personal longevity strategy.

Johan Hedevåg, Founder & CEO Una Health, Licensed Medical doctor, Longevity physician, Certified Personal trainer

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What we do.

Our job is to increase your healthspan. We do that by helping you create your personal longevity strategy and support you when implementing it. Our longevity model is based on four strategic pillars.

Primary prevention.
We target main risk factors to prevent heart attacks, stroke and diabetes.

Early detection.
We screen for diseases like cancer and osteoporosis to catch them at an early stage.

We go deep with precision health to optimise your well-being and lifespan.

Age inhibition.
We provide specific, targeted longevity interventions like Rapamycin.

Our products